Federica Sciarelli: Trailblazing Journalist and Television Icon’s Journey

Federica Sciarelli: Trailblazing Journalist and Television Icon’s Journey

Federica Sciarelli, an Italian journalist, television presenter, parliamentary reporter, and councilor of the Order of Journalists of Lazio, began her professional journey with a four-year tenure at the Parliamentary Information Office. In 1987, she embarked on her journalistic career at TG3 under the leadership of Sandro Curzi, initially joining the editorial staff focusing on politics.

Pioneering as one of the first women in such a role within a news program, she continued in this capacity until her venture into online media. During the same year, she contributed to the inaugural episode of the program titled “Samarcanda.

Highlight of Federica Sciarelli

Federica Sciarelli: “I volti Rai devono essere istituzionali. Le pressioni?  Io attacco il telefono” - La Stampa
Full name: Federica Sciarelli
Date of birth:  09/10/1958
Place of birth Rome
Zodiac sign Libra
Height:  1.72 m
Nationality Italy
Profession presenter, journalist
Debut date 1987

Federica Sciarelli: A Complete Biography 

Federica Sciarelli commenced her journalism career in 1987 at TG3, working under the guidance of Sandro Curzi. Prior to this, she spent four years at the Parliamentary Information Office. Pioneering the inclusion of women in the political editorial team of the news program, she contributed to the inaugural episode of the Samarcanda broadcast in the same year, a news and current affairs talk show helmed by Giovanni Mantovani and Michele Santoro. After serving as a correspondent, she progressed to hosting the 10:30 pm edition of TG3 Rome-New York, eventually transitioning to the 7 pm slot. In 1991, President Francesco Cossiga honored her with the title of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Notably, her significant project is the program “Who has seen it,” focusing on news cases and the search for missing individuals. Simultaneously, she has hosted numerous specials, whether connected to “Who Has Seen It” or addressing political themes, such as “The Twelfth President” in collaboration with Corrado Augias. In 2019, she also presented the Rai docuseries “Doctors in Lane – Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital.” Additionally, Sciarelli has authored several literary investigations delving into historical news cases, including the Circeo massacre, the Magliana gang, and the murder of Elisa Claps.

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Federica Sciarelli, Vita Privata

Born in Rome on October 9, 1958, Federica Sciarelli falls under the sign of Libra. Her parents hail from Naples, and her father pursued a career as a state lawyer. Having secured a scholarship after completing high school, she embarked on a journey of studying journalism. While she generally keeps federica sciarelli, vita privata, a notable incident occurred in 1992 when she became the focus of sensational gossip, initiated by Panorama, linking her romantically with the then President of the Republic, Francesco Cossiga. Both parties vehemently denied the rumor, and Sciarelli successfully won a legal case against the journalist responsible for spreading it.

In 1996, she embraced motherhood with the birth of Giovanni Maria, and the subsequent year marked her marriage to a Rai cameraman. In 2007, costume federica sciarelli found herself entangled in another rumored affair, this time with magistrate John Henry Woodcock. However, the only verified aspect of their connection was a legal matter. Specifically, Sciarelli faced investigation on charges of complicity in revealing official secrets. Allegedly acting as an intermediary in the interactions between Woodcock and Il Fatto Quotidiano for the publication of material shrouded in investigation secrecy, the accusations, ultimately unfounded, were dropped, and the investigations were closed.

Television Shows of federica sciarelli

30 Federica Sciarelli Stock Photos, High-Res Pictures, and Images - Getty  Images
  • TG3 ( Rai 3 , 1987-2004)
  • Aldebaran (Rai 3, 1991)
  • TG3 First floor (Rai 3, 1993-2004)
  • Do you bet on red, black or zero? (Rai 3, 1994)
  • Who has seen it? (Rai 3, since 2004)
  • Who has seen it? – Incredible Stories (Rai 3, 2007)
  • The Stories of Who Seen It? (Rai 3, 2012-2014)
  • The twelfth President (Rai 3, 2015)
  • Techetechete’ (Rai 1, 2015) Episode 44
  • Telethon Show ( Rai 1 , 2015)
  • Who has seen it? 12.25pm ​​(Rai 3, 2016-2017)
  • Who has seen it? 11.30 (Rai 3, 2017-2019)
  • The thousand days of Mafia Capitale (Rai 3, 2017)
  • Doctors in the ward – Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital (Rai 3, 2019-2023)
  • On my skin – What happened after the film? (Rai 3, 2020)


Federica Sciarelli Marito and Family Background:

The details of Federica Sciarelli Marito and relationship are currently under review, as she has not disclosed this information to the media or on any social platforms. Any updates on these aspects will be reflected in this article as soon as they become available. There is also no information about federica sciarelli ex marito.

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Federica Sciarelli’s Family and Siblings:

Sanremo 2018 - Day 4

We are currently reviewing Federica’s siblings’ names and occupations as well as her parents’ names. She has not given the media or social media access to any personal information about her family. Future updates to this page will incorporate any fresh details about her family.

Works by Federica Sciarelli and various collaborators:

  • “Three Good Guys: The Circeo Murderers, the Background to a 30-Year Investigation” (Giuseppe Rinaldi, 2006, Rizzoli, ISBN 9788817011198).
  • “With Blood in His Eyes: A Boss of the Magliana Gang Tells His Story” (Antonio Mancini, 2007, Rizzoli, ISBN 9788817015882).
  • “The Innocent Monster: The Truth About Girolimoni Condemned by News and History” (Emmanuele Agostini, 2010, Rizzoli, ISBN 88-170-3546-7).
  • “For Elisa: The Claps Case – 18 Years of Misdirections, Silences, and Omissions” (Gildo Claps, 2011, Rizzoli, ISBN 978-88-17-05160-6).
  • “Love Traps: Romance Scam Stories” (Ercole Rocchetti, Veronica Briganti, Marina Borrometi, 2020, Rai Libri).
  • “The Potenzoni Case” (Francesco Potenzoni, 2021, Einaudi).

Is Federica Sciarelli present on social networks?

Federica Sciarelli non lascia 'Chi l'ha visto?'. "Ma quale addio, non sono  affatto stanca" - la Repubblica

Give below are the social media handle of Federica Sciarelli are:

Federica Sciarelli’s Net Worth in 2023:

Federica’s estimated net worth, based on the most recent data available online, ranges from $1 to $5 million USD. She has held positions as a television host, councilor of the Lazio Order of Journalists, Italian journalist, and legislative reporter.


Federica Sciarelli’s remarkable journey from parliamentary reporting to becoming a trailblazing journalist and television icon underscores her pioneering contributions. As a distinguished figure in Italian media, she shattered gender norms, hosting notable programs and earning recognition, including the title of Knight of the Order of Merit. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sciarelli maintains privacy, exemplified by her absence from social media. Her enduring impact is reflected in her diverse roles, literary works, and a net worth estimated at $1-5 million USD in 2023.



At what time does Federica Sciarelli receive her income?

Federica Sciarelli’s annual earnings amount to approximately 240 thousand euros. Although no definitive information has been disclosed on this matter, this figure represents the upper limit set for Rai journalists.

Is Federica Sciarelli involved in sports?

Federica Sciarelli engages in sports, with a particular focus on athletics, where she has participated at a competitive level as a middle-distance runner. Additionally, she exhibits a keen interest in cross-country cycling.

Did Federica Sciarelli make an appearance in any movies? 

Indeed, she was featured in the film ‘Our Boys,’ directed by Ivano Di Matteo.

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