Ghar Ka Naksha : A Blueprint For A Harmonious Home

Ghar Ka Naksha : A Blueprint For A Harmonious Home

There are several things that homeowners must carefully consider while building their own houses. For someone like this, sketching out the layout of your new house—or a simple ghar ka naksha photo, as it is called in Hindi—is one of the most crucial parts of the planning process. A sustainable home naksha method might help you create the house of your dreams.

As a result, a lot of individuals carefully consider the principles of Vastu Shastra and utilize all available space. How should a flawless ghar ghar ka naksha kaise banaen ka naksha be made? An architect would surely be of assistance if you hire her, but before you get basic ghar ka naksha kaise banaen, you need to conduct some preliminary study.

Ghar Ka Naksha And Plot Direction

One of the most crucial parts of building a house is creating a Ghar Ka Naksha. A Ghar Ka Naksha constructed in accordance with Vaastu’s precepts is frequently well-ventilated and beneficial for its occupants. Because of this, when choosing the plot and its dimensions for a house design, it’s crucial to adhere to the Ghar Ka Naksha guidelines.

You can benefit from vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha if the portion of land on your plot faces north or east. Vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha kaise banaen holds that homes facing north, east, or north-east are extremely fortunate. It’s also true that there is no such thing as a terrible direction, and you may improve home directions by making little adjustments to the simple ghar ka naksha photo.

Process To Make Ghar Ka Naksha

The following should be kept in mind when creating a Ghar Ka Naksha.

  • Option for the Space: It’s also crucial to consider how the home map uses the available space in the house. If additional space is needed, it should be able to be used as another room. A home’s layout has a direct influence on how you feel while you live there.
  • Construct a smart Ghar Ka Naksha photo: You must create a simple ghar ka naksha photo in the same way that you have created it on paper. A home constructed using a well-thought-out ghar banane ka naksha will always meet your demands and save you money.
  • Sustainable Architectural Design: Using the Vaastu Shastra principles to optimize the available space is a key component of sustainable architectural design, which extends beyond choosing the appropriate materials and roof for solar panel installations.
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How To Make A Simple Ghar Ka Naksha Photo For The Storeroom?

Store rooms are essential for the storage of household items. Therefore, the pantry needs to be situated adjacent to the kitchen at all times. vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha rules dictate that the storage room should never be built with its front facing either north or east.

The best orientations for a store room are north-west and south-west. These special instructions will ensure that there is no negative energy. Furthermore, we are offering you the following expert guidance for organizing the storeroom:

  • The storage room of the house should never be utilized as a place to sleep since the inanimate objects within might easily cause alterations in a person’s brain vibrations.
  • Keep no empty boxes in your storage area. Ghee, oil, and gas cylinders should all be stored toward the southeast.
  • The only item that belongs in the store’s east direction is the image of Lord Vishnu.
  • The storage area should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Never put valuable papers, cash, or jewelry in your store room.

How To Make A Ghar Ka Naksha For The Master Bedroom?

Improved master bedroom layout that complies with Vaastu principles can have a big positive impact on the relationships amongst household members. The master bedroom should face southwest for positive energy; don’t face eastward, as this direction represents fire. Instead, face south-west.

In addition, if you design your house such that every room is the same size, you should steer clear of negative imagery and choose light hues to draw in positive energy. Additionally, make sure that the bed in your bedroom is positioned such that you may sleep with your head facing either east or south.

How To Make A Ghar Ka Naksha For The Dining Area? 

Your home’s dining room and kitchen should be situated close to one other. It is possible to decorate the dining area to make it seem good. It also represents relationships, health, and nourishment. Food can be eaten with its face toward the west, east, or north for optimal health. The eating table should also be rectangular or square in shape. In the dining room, the following vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha kaise banaen principles are to be observed:

  • A chandelier can be used to achieve adequate illumination in the dining room. 
  • Best dining tables and chairs are made of wood.
  • A mirror next to a dinner table may reflect twice as much food, giving the impression that there is an excess of food.
  • Avoid using dark colors like black or brown.
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How To Make A Ghar Ka Naksha For The Living Room Or Dining Hall ?

Most people typically forget that the living room and drawing room are really different from one another. Generally speaking, one should host close friends and family in the drawing hall and invite close visitors to the drawing room. Although most individuals don’t have these two rooms apart, you should be aware of the following:

  • A room like that ought to face north, east, north, or west.
  • Elephants or a Buddha statue should be placed next to the front door for good fortune in the home.
  • It should be pleasant for visitors to enter into the living room.
  • For a good energy boost, decorate the space with a fountain, plants, or aquarium.

Uttar Mukhi Ghar Ka Vastu Naksha Is Good For Which Zodiac Sign?

Homes facing north are favorable for anyone born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

A person can rise in their career by opting to reside in a uttar mukhi ghar ka vastu naksha, including bankers, investors, stock market traders, accountants, chartered accountants, and brokers. People who work in the travel, hotel, astrology, and vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha businesses, as well as those who supply communication and e-services, may also benefit from it.

How To Make A Ghar Ka Naksha Photo Online?

These days, you may utilize smartphone apps or internet services to create a ghar ka naksha 4 room photo. You’ll save money and time by using these applications and websites. You will need to have some understanding of the dimensions of the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, stairs, etc. in order to utilize it, though.

websites that let individuals make virtual home maps

The following is a list of websites where you may make ghar banane ka naksha online:

  • floor planner
  • home styler
  • Design Your Own Home
  • smart draw

A mobile application called Ghar Ka Naksha allows users to create an online ghar banane ka naksha photo.

The Android and iOS mobile applications listed below can be used to create ghar banane ka naksha online:

  • floor plan creator
  • home design
  • Design This Home
  • 100 Ghar Ka Nakshas

In conclusion

Crafting a harmonious home begins with a thoughtful ghar ka naksha. Adhering to vastu ke anusar ghar ka naksha, selecting the right plot direction, and embracing sustainable architectural design are crucial. Specific guidelines for each room, such as the storeroom, master bedroom, dining area, and living room, enhance positive energy. Technology offers convenient online tools for designing ghar ka naksha 4 room photo. Understanding the significance of directions, Vastu, and astrology ensures a well-balanced and positive living space.


Q: Is a home facing uttar mukhi ghar ka vastu naksha good?

This article mentions that persons linked with specific zodiac signs and professions find that living in a uttar mukhi ghar ka vastu naksha facing residence is especially lucky.

Q: Is it good or bad to build a house facing northeast in Vastu?

It is lucky to own property in the northeast. But it’s important to remember Vaastu’s rules for a residence facing northeast.

Q: Where in Ghar Ka Naksha should the hall be located?

East or middle in the home is where the hall should be located.

Q: How can the bad energy emanating from the toilet be stopped?

By constructing and maintaining a clean toilet facing northwest, you may shield yourself from bad energy.

Q: Is astrology comparable to Vaastu in any way?

Indeed. These two have a significant impact on an individual’s life and are connected to one another.

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