The Benefits of Providing a Crate for Every Dog

The Benefits of Providing a Crate for Every Dog

What Is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate, often known as a dog cage or an inside kennel, is used to provide dogs with a safe, secure location to spend brief amounts of time.

The majority of dog cages come with a wire frame and a detachable tray at the bottom where the dog’s bedding may be placed, despite the fact that you can buy them in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Advantages of using a Dog Crate?

using a Dog Crate
  • Easier House Training: Using a crate for your dog or puppy simplifies house training. Dogs naturally avoid soiling where they sleep or eat. The crate’s limited space encourages them to wait and go in appropriate spots. This minimizes accidents, speeds up training, and offers more chances for rewards.
  • Teething Protection: The crate is a safe spot for teething pups when unsupervised, safeguarding both your furniture and your furry friend. Provide a safe chew toy for comfort.
  • Safe Zone: The crate creates a secure, den-like environment that calms your pup and encourages rest. It teaches valuable settling skills and can serve as a sanctuary, especially for families with young children.
  • Training Time-Outs: The crate serves as a peaceful place for brief time-outs, not as punishment. It helps your excitable pup relax and regain composure. Release them when calm.
  • Safe Travel: The crate is a secure way to travel in vehicles. In case of accidents, it prevents injuries by keeping the dog safe from impact with other passengers or objects.

Disadvantages of using a Dog Crate?

  • Encourages Laziness: Crate should aid training, not replace it. Don’t use it excessively or as a substitute for teaching good behavior.
  • Stress Potential: Overuse can stress dogs. Limit to 4 hours/day, mainly when you’re away. Prolonged use may cause anxiety and injury risk.
  • Improper Punishment: Using crates as punishment is wrong. Negative associations harm crate training’s effectiveness. Keep crate experiences positive.
  • Aesthetic and Space Concerns: Crates can be unsightly and bulky. Consider aesthetics and space before purchase, though benefits often outweigh these drawbacks.

How to Determine the Right Crate Size for Your Dog?

Right Crate Size for Your Dog

Before selecting the appropriate crate size for your canine companion, it’s essential to take accurate measurements. Gather your measuring tape and follow these instructions:

  • Measure your dog’s length: To determine the ideal crate length, measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail. Add four inches to this measurement to provide your dog with extra space for comfort and movement.
  • Measure your dog’s height: Measure your dog while they are in a seated position, from the floor to the highest point of their head or the tips of their ears (whichever is higher). Add four inches to this measurement. Measuring the height ensures that your dog can sit comfortably without touching the top of the crate.
  • Select the crate size: Utilize the length and height measurements to make your crate size decision. While you can opt for a slightly large dog cages size to offer your pup more room, be cautious not to choose a crate that is too big, especially for smaller breeds that might slip through large dog cages gaps.

Choosing the Appropriate Dog Crate Dimensions

Once you have your dog’s measurements, refer to these practical guidelines to determine the correct crate size:

  • Allow space for movement: Unlike a kennel, which serves as a play area, a crate doesn’t need excessive space for your dog to play. However, ensure that the crate isn’t overly small. The right crate size should give your dog enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably without feeling cramped.
  • Consider a large dog cages: If you’re housebreaking a puppy and have a large dog cages, they can use one end for bathroom needs and sleep at the other. For tips on puppy potty training, you can explore advice from well-known animal trainer Brandon McMillan.
  • Account for adult size: Always base your crate size on the dimensions of an adult dog, even if you’re crate training a young puppy. You can use a crate divider panel to temporarily reduce the interior space of the crate as needed.
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How to make Your Dog to love Crate?

Dog to love Crate

Now that you have your crate, select a cozy spot in your home for your pup. Avoid drafty areas or places near hot radiators; use your common sense to find a location that’s out of the way. 

Once the crate is set up, consider draping a blanket or towel over the top, covering all sides except the door. Inside, place a soft, comfortable bed along with your dog’s favorite treats and toys. With everything prepared, it’s time to introduce your pup to the crate. New experiences can be intimidating, so be patient. Open the door and allow your pup to explore at their own pace.

Don’t stress over whether your pup goes inside immediately. At this stage, it’s not crucial. Let your pup acclimate naturally. When they do venture in, they may take some treats or play with toys you’ve left inside. As they become more comfortable, introduce a command like “Into bed” to associate with entering the crate. Over time, they’ll learn to respond to this command.

During the initial phase, avoid rushing to close the door. Allow your pup to go in and out freely, familiarizing themselves with the new bed. On the second day, attempt closing the door briefly while your pup is inside, swiftly reopening it. Use treats and praise to create positive associations.

If your pup shows acceptance of the closed door, gradually extend the duration. Sit beside them as you gradually increase the time the door remains closed. On the third day, assuming the previous steps went well, you can leave your pup alone in the closed crate for a short time. Start with about ten minutes and then gradually lengthen the duration—30 minutes, an hour, and eventually up to four hours.

To help alleviate anxiety, consider using a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) spray. You can acquire this from your veterinarian. It’s particularly beneficial for young pups but can assist dogs of any age.

In all this, remember that patience is key. Allow your dog or puppy to adjust to the crate at their own pace. Keep the experience positive and rewarding, and soon enough, your pup will come to love their new cozy space.

Finding the Perfect outdoor dog cage: Top Picks from dog cages walmart

outdoor dog cage
  • Precision petsmart dog cages: The Precision Pet Great Crate is a popular option for dog owners looking for a reliable and versatile cage. Available in multiple sizes, this crate features a durable metal construction with a removable plastic pan for easy cleaning. The double-door design provides convenient access and placement options, making it suitable for training and travel. Its foldable design ensures storage convenience when not in use.
  • MidWest Homes for petsmart dog cages : The MidWest Homes for petsmart dog cages is a highly rated option that caters to both puppy training and adult dog containment. With its single or double-door options, this crate offers flexibility in placement and accessibility. The iCrate comes with a divider panel, allowing you to adjust the available space as your puppy grows, effectively minimizing the need for multiple crate purchases.
  • OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate : The OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate stands out with its heavy-duty steel wire construction and dual-door access. Designed with both front and side doors, it provides versatile placement options and easy accessibility. The crate also features a removable, easy-to-clean plastic tray for your convenience. Its foldable design ensures hassle-free storage and portability.
  • Suncast Deluxe Dog Crate : For dog owners seeking a more stylish option, the Suncast Deluxe Dog Crate combines functionality with aesthetics. Made from durable resin material, this crate resembles a classic end table, blending seamlessly into your home decor. It offers a comfortable space for your dog while doubling as an attractive furniture piece. The single-door design and sturdy build ensure security and convenience.
  • Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel : For pet parents who prioritize portability and safety during travel, the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is an excellent choice. This crate is made from heavy-duty plastic with reinforced sides, making it suitable for air travel and road trips. The wire vents provide proper ventilation, and the easy-open squeeze latch ensures hassle-free access. The Ultra Vari Kennel comes in various sizes to accommodate different dog breeds.
  • Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage : Designed for larger and more energetic dog breeds, the Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a heavy-duty option built to withstand even the toughest dogs. Made from strong steel tubes and reinforced steel latches, this crate offers unparalleled durability and security. The grated floor design ensures proper hygiene and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate : The Carlson Secure and Foldable Metal Dog Crate is an affordable yet reliable option for dog owners. Its single-door design provides a simple and secure entry point for your furry friend. The crate features a sturdy metal construction with a removable and washable pan for easy maintenance. Its foldable nature allows for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Sturdy Dog Crates : Heavy-duty dog crates are purpose-built to address these behaviors, often incorporating reinforced metal construction and double-lock mechanisms. These crates shine as the ultimate choice for crash tested dog crates protection, especially if you intend to use a dog crate in the cargo area of a pickup truck, van, or SUV. (Please note: These crates might prove too large and unwieldy for compact and midsize cars; in such cases, we recommend opting for a crash tested dog crates seat belt harness.)After conducting a series of crash tested dog crates tests, the Center for Pet Safety found that standard metal dog crates didn’t perform well in the evaluations.
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Dog cages are a tool with both advantages and challenges, offering benefits such as safety, training assistance, and travel convenience, but also sparking debates around confinement and ethical considerations. As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to understand the nuances of crate usage and strike a balance that promotes the health and happiness of our canine companions. By combining efficient training techniques, positive reinforcement, and a cautious attitude to crate time, we can make the most of this helpful tool while respecting our dogs’ physical and emotional needs.

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