Proxiyum : Your Gateway to Secure and Anonymous Internet Access

Proxiyum : Your Gateway to Secure and Anonymous Internet Access

When you visit websites or browse on the internet, your IP address and location may be made public. Your internet privacy may therefore be jeopardized. This might benefit evil individuals. Proxyyum, a free web Proxiyum, comes to the rescue in this situation. You may browse the internet anonymously and without paying any fees with this platform. We will discuss it with you in this post so that it is clear and easy to understand.

Know About Proxiyum

Know About Proxiyum


Proxiyum is an online technology that was developed to provide portal access regardless of geographic limitations. If visiting a portal in your region is blocked by a government-imposed network barrier, you can use this technology to circumvent restrictions and network blockages. It establishes a communication line between the user and the provider.

Features of Proxiyum

Features of Proxiyum

Proxiyum has a number of features that enhance browsing and increase online security, including:

  • Anonymous Browsing: Proxiyum hides your IP address. It does this by routing your online traffic through its servers. Your anonymity stops websites, marketers, and others from tracking you online.
  • Access to Blocked Content: Many websites and online services have geographical limitations. They restrict access based on where you are. Proxiyum enables you to get beyond these limits. It gives you the freedom to access material from anywhere in the world.
  • Encrypted Internet Traffic: Proxiyum encrypts your web traffic. It protects your private information from spies and hackers. This encryption keeps your data safe. It makes sure it stays unreadable if intercepted.
  • Enhanced Security: It provides an additional degree of protection against cyberthreats in addition to encryption. It makes targeted assaults less likely. It also reduces illegal access to your device by hiding your IP address.
  • Fast and Reliable Servers: Proxiyum provides a global network. The network has fast servers in strategic locations. This guarantees seamless and continuous surfing, irrespective of an individual’s location.

Requirement of a web proxy

There are several reasons why we require a web proxy, some of which are listed below:

  • It circumvents or unblocks geographical limitations and unblocks websites.
  • It enables you to browse any local restricted website while hiding your IP address.
  • By protecting your identity, it may be utilized to meet privacy and security needs.
  • It functions as a filter to obstruct undesirable and hazardous material.
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Process to Use proxiyum

Process to Use proxiyum

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on using an Android smartphone-compatible free web proxy on your PC.

For Computer System

For Android Smartphones

  • Open any browser and use your stratagem to navigate it. (For instance, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.)
  • In the address bar next to it, type, then press the Examine or Enter keys.
  • Now look for the website with the same name in the search results, then click on it.
  • The website has a feature named “tart browsing here:”
  • To navigate, enter or copy your website’s URL into the space provided here.
  • Now, use the republic drop-down menu to choose your current location.
  • Any country on the list is eligible to be rated first. It will also indicate the connection strength and speed (show, moderate, or fast) for the selected location.
  • Finally, click the “O” button to start viewing the more secure version of the website of your choice.

For Android Smartphones

For Android Smartphones

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your preferred device.
  • After typing “proxiyum” into the search bar, touch the search icon.
  • Select the first entry on the list that is displayed. Furthermore, press install.
  • When the copying is finished, launch the app on your smartphone.
  • The webpage you want to view may now be accessed by typing or pasting its link.
  • After choosing your expected location, press the “O” symbol. (The same procedures apply to computer schemes as well.)
  • You may now visit the intreated website without being concerned about the privacy of your online activities.

Various Types Of Proxy Servers of Proxiyum

For the various purposes that we’ve listed below, ProxyYUM comes in a variety of proxy server types:

  • Reverse proxy: It functions to prevent web users from seeing server data.
  • Forward proxy: It assists in preventing client information from being seen online.
  • Transparent proxy: It prevents traffic from being monitored without the client’s knowledge.
  • SOCKS proxy: It displays many forms of internet traffic in addition to online content.
  • Anonymous proxy: It conceals users’ IP addresses.
  • HTTP proxy: It works well for regular internet browsing.

Benefits of Proxiyum

Given below are the list of the various benefits of using the Proxiyum are:-

  • Access geo-blocked websites: offers several advantages, including the ability to access geo-blocked content online, in addition to keeping your unique identity hidden from prying eyes. You frequently see the phrase “content not available in your country” whether browsing a website or seeing a modern film.Furthermore, this might get rather annoying. Nevertheless, a web proxy can be used to view these materials.
  • Multi-Device Support: Its free usage and lack of a concealed registration are two more important benefits. Although there are a plethora of commercial and free Proxyium utilities available, not all of them enable multi-device admission or offer this capability. Some even place paywalls in place, requiring you to pay a hefty monthly price in order to use their services fully.
  • Safe Browsing: In addition, it supports nearly any kind of browser and seamless Android gadgets. You don’t need to change your preferred browser in order to browse safely. Additionally, you have access to several head waiter locations that you may set up as often as you’d like. You can easily enjoy all region-specific material thanks to this functionality.
  • Public wifi: Lastly, you are probably aware of the difficulties in locating safe public wifi if you are a high-ranking official who travels frequently or spends a lot of time away from home. In addition to other essential credentials, these networks are renowned for stealing user data. But for now, you don’t need to worry. allows you to utilize public networks as much as you like with no restrictions and an additional degree of security.
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Proxyium is one of the best free online proxyium solutions that allows for safe internet browsing. Your IP address and other credentials are always at risk when you access the internet on a regular basis. This application is very useful and compatible with PC and Android devices.


Describe the proxiyum.

Proxyiumium allows you to access websites that are banned without any intrusive advertising or other limitations. You will be sent to the home page of the website when you paste the URL or input the website keyword. It really is that easy and quick. Enhancing network performance is the second reason a web proxyium is required.

What are anonymizers or web proxies?

One type of Proxyium tool that can prevent online activity from being traced back is an anonymizer. Put differently, anonymizers are unique requests that have the ability to obscure actions that are typically detectable between clients other than server communication via the internet.

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