Tira Beauty cosmetic: How does it work in makeup industry review

Tira Beauty cosmetic: How does it work in makeup industry review

Tira Beauty brand converted the call of the town. In this current era, the makeup industry is go through important growth, both in India and on the worldwide period. The most important topic of talk is The Makeup Manufacturing Its Amazing Growth. Everyone now needs to earn their reputation and profit in the makeup business market.

The reliance retail limited industries, which is own by Mukesh Ambani and reliance industries limited newly launch Tirabeauty, on omnichannel tirabeauty store on 5 April and CEO of this brand of Isha Ambani. TiraBeauty opinions out as a light of value, original, and variety in the always changing world of beauty and makeups

What is Tira Beauty?

What is Tira Beauty?

Reliance Retail is an owner of tirabeauty marketing platform. It is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Isha Ambani created it and the company has its head office in Mumbai in India. Tira Market Research In 2021, India was rank fourth in income from the beauty and the personal care of market international with a project grow in online sales most demanding.

Reliance Retail plan to launch TiraBeauty in 2022 with the first store set to open in 2023 at Jio World Energy in Mumbai. The brand also aimed for an online presence. Tira launched its first product ‘For Every You’ present celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani, and Suhana Khan.

How many Tira beauty stores are available currently?

How many Tira beauty stores are available currently?

As of the latest available Tira has extended suggestion later its launch. The brand has been active open a new store across in India. 

  • In November 2023 a news detailed that Tira had stores in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Tira also had over 1.5 million app downloads in phone. Another report design that with an added 10 stores to the open in March, anyway Tira also have a reach total 350 stores. 
  • Tira fast grow to the offers attractive personalised beauty shopping in India. 
  • To find the current number of Tira stores, check Tirabeauty official website or contact customer service.

Tira beauty store near me?

To find a tirabeauty store near you then you can also use the tirabeauty store location with customer care number and email ID also mention on available on their official website. Enter your location to get a list of the near Tirabeauty stores with their address, contact information. 

You can also check out the Tirabeauty app, which may offer a store locating system feature and even provide a straight direction to the store with your choice. Tirabeauty stores live in popular retail place in cities where Tira has a presence. Anyways you can also Visit a local mall or shop area to find a Tira store.

Tira Beauty stores Partnership with Amorepacific

Tira Beauty stores Partnership with Amorepacific

Tira beauty owned by Reliance Retail limited owned by Mukesh Ambani, design partnerships to improve its company. A important partnership is with Amorepacific Corp is a South Korean beauty company. This union goals to power Tira stores wide range of a retail network to introduce a range of K-beauty products to the Indian market. The company plans to create a 100 stores within Tira stores.

Differences between Tira beauty or Nykaa

Tira Beauty, launched by Reliance Retail limited in 2023, contests with Nykaa. Falguni Nayar launch Nykaa in 2012. 

  • Tira plans to open 1,100 stores in India and international, influence Support retail network, while Nykaa works in 141 stores. 
  • Tira stands out with tech inventions. In case include beauty marketing machines, fragrance finders, and smart mirrors. 
  • They are provides a personalised shopping experience. It offers 15-20% discounts on regular and premium brands. 
  • Nykaa prices luxury items off 15% lower than its average off 10% discount. Nykaa come in the market initial. 
  • It has a wide customer base and a strong online company.

Wide Range of tira beauty products

One of the most tira Beauty main strong point is its wide product range. Whether you looking for makeup basics, skincare essential haves, fragrances, haircare products, or wellness items, Tira has it all. 

  • The stage suggestions a massive selection of makes, from worldwide celebrated names to developing local tags. 
  • This various range confirms that there something for everyone, their skin type, hair feel, or personal likings. 
  • In count to its positive effects on the hair and skin, tira Beauty also has some benefits that may have distant reaching health benefits for individuals. 
  • One way in which tira Beauty benefits the heart is in increasing flow, giving to studies.

What is tira beauty Effective?

There are positive products that power make your skin look dull and lack shine. These forces include hair dyes, foundation, blush, powder-based eye shadow. Always go for natural and healthy singles as they are effective. They will give you an true glow without being too harsh or oily.

How to contact tira beauty?

If you are any inquiry or more information and any service to Contact Us

Call: 1-800-890-3030

WhatsApp: 7977090909

Email: help@tirabeauty.com


Tira Beauty is a new brand launch by Reliance Retail limited and owner tirabeauty has quickly become a popular in the makeup industry. With a focus on value creativity, and variety, tira Beauty has gain a strong status in the ever change world of the beauty products. Owner by Mukesh Ambani Reliance Retail Limited, tira Beauty was create by Isha Ambani daughter of Mukesh Ambani and aims to provide a exclusive shopping experience for customers. With plans to increase both online retail stores, although tiraBeauty has an already open multiple stores in multiple locations in India and has a grow customer. The brand has success a shows the increase demand for personalised beauty products in the market.

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